Attention For Sale By Owners...Why list with an agent.

I am so excited to see all the real estate activity going on right now in Lawrence, Ks. I was in the office in the midst of a snow storm and wasn't alone while several agents were turning in earnest money and submitting contracts to their respective buyer/sellers. What these clients have working for them is they have a team of people working to assist them in selling their home!

When you decide to list your home for sale by owner most people are motivated by the desire to save money and believe that since they have already bought or sold a home they can handle the intriciate nature of a real estate transaction. There are many benefits to working with an agent and I can't say 100% that every seller needs to list with an agent but in most cases working with an agent to sell your home will net you more money and sell your home faster than going alone.

Here are the top 5 reasons to list with an agent

  1. Working with an agent allows you to utilize a trained professional expert advice and negotiation skills in marketing and discussing potential offers and counter offers.
  2. Most agents have a working relationship with several lenders in the area and when a buyer walks into your home and needs financing options that agent can connect them with the lender to get them financed to purchase your home.
  3. Agents are exposed to numerous homes on a daily/weekly basis and they can use their knowledge of what's on the market to help you with tips regarding price and staging ideas to help set your home apart.
  4. When you have your home listed with an agent that agent makes sure that any buyer brought to the home is accompanied by a licensed agent and that the buyer is pre-qualified and that they are a serious buyer. No strangers walking through your house on their own.
  5. When I work as a listing agent I work exclusively for YOU! I do all the marketing, open houses, staging advice, CMA, tax research and use my broad range of contacts to help you sell your home. And you get these services provided to you and you ONLY PAY when you SELL the home. No upfront cost to put you on the mls or to register on a separate site I do the work and get paid when I show you results!
There are many other reasons to list with an agent but these are just a few that come to mind and I make sure to mention when I work with other For Sale By Owners. If you do decide to go forward with for sale by owner make sure you research the company and if anyone promises to put you on the MLS for a fee please take the time to research the agent/company. More agents are exploring that route and I feel that that does a disservice to a seller. The reason a seller hires an agent is to get their expertise and if all you want is the sign in the yard then that's all you will get. What happens when you have to deal with counter-offers, negotitiaons, inspection request and God forbid that there is a dispute after closing? If you use an agent it makes more sense to have an agent who is working for you!

Call or message me if you would like to know how I assist my sellers in getting their home SOLD!

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